Game is an enjoyment and stress relivable activity for gaming players and as well as for many youngsters. Now, this day increases a craze of mobile many have like to play games on mobile phone compare to pc or laptop but pc game craze is still there So now talk about the best online game for a gamer or let can say best gaming interested people.

There are thousands of the game available nowadays but talk some about the best game in the online world which is most liked by people. So let’s get started with some of them.

Pubg: It is currently the topmost game which is played by pubg players about all over the world. It is a team battle game made by Tencent and the owner is Korean. This most liked the game in a youngster or let can say in a college player. Some people are very crazy about this game. They play the whole day and doing a live stream and make money online which is very good. Also as per it’s craze they organized a tournament for pro players also many of them take part in it and starting famous in little age. Make their family proud. As an example of a top player, we surely say one name who is Mortal(in-game name).

Teen-Patti: I would suggest playing as entertainment only. It’s a small version of poker and like situs Judi online. Because in the real world if you are playing it a break of your country rule as well as you lost a lot of money also. Please make a distance of this game with your kid. By the way, it is a nice featured game and when pubg is not there in the market it is a most played game. In this game, 5 players can take part and play with their money prize and win it if he/she had the luck. So it is the best game for time-pass whenever you are with friends or alone.

Let’s talk about one pc game, it is not other it is CS go because the counter strike is the best game for the pro-gun player also for those interested in fighting to each other. There are many maps or many options to play counter strike game. It is a very popular game for a pro who interested is sniping because it is a well graphic game. You can build your crate with money or with winning in-game. So I liked most in all pc games.

Also, GTA is the best game with the best graphic card currently best-used version is GTA 5. Also, people doing a stream with this game on youtube as an income purpose with going live so it is everything for GTA players. Many people used to say that whenever they start this game they stuck totally with this game and play for many hours like 3 to 4 hours because you going to play in the whole city with your car and all so this feature is best for every gamer.

Fortnite Is Every Where. It’s all. Everybody’s been aware of it. With justification, since it’s just really, really enjoyable. Yes, it’s a battle royale match including all of the trimmings: 100 players dropped into a massive map, an ever-shrinking SafeZone, and one player left position. However, Fortnite is also a crafting match, where the greatest players aren’t just people that can take straight, but those that can build megastructures and fortresses in a few button presses. Its seasonal arrangement includes intriguing new mechanics every few months, giving players added incentive to return and test things out. Also, it is extremely accessible, being free to play available on virtually every device. So yeah, Fortnite is everywhere, including on this particular list.

Sure we like gaming but we can use this for entertainment purposes because many of us play the whole day it is not good for your mind as well as for your brain too. You play games whenever you are free or after finishing your work so it’s good but do not play the whole day. As a kid please make your attention to your study first. But if you want to make your future in gaming than it is okay.