What are the sizes and features of Japanese rice cookers?

The best electronic product that the international travelers to japan wish to buy is the electric rice cookers. When it comes to rice cookers, many manufacturing companies, features, and functions are available. If you look into every single company’s product, then it will be tough to choose the single one for your usage. So here let us breakdown some of the Best Japanese Rice Cookers. 

Features of rice cookers:

Before you buy a rice cooker some of the essential things are there to check correctly, they lie under,

  • Size
  • Feature
  • Style
  • Prize range

When you check the list based on the size, you have to know what is GO? To counter the size of the cooker, the Japanese use the word go to describe the size approximately one go is one hundred and fifty grams. If it is ten go, then it is considered as one sho.

The sizes are on the range of various session they are,

  • When you are a person living alone or with a company, then you must choose the three-go that is approximately four fifty grams would be a perfect fit for you.
  • If you are family within three or four people, then you should pick the five-go cooker size that is the approximate calculation of seven-fifty grams.
  • If you are a family with more than four members, you should select the one sho, which is approximately 1800 grams.

The feature of these cookers is generally classified with under six ways. All of them are listed below,

  • Distinctive cooking feature
  • Hardness cooking feature
  • Nonsteaming feature or steamless
  • Baking feature
  • Eco feature
  • Smartphone link feature

This distinctive cooking way is the best for all kinds of rice models. Because we know that many different types of rice models are available such as

  • White rice
  • Unnecessary rice
  • Brown rice
  • Haigamai
  • Mixed rice

These kinds will be cooked very perfectly with this feature. The next model is the hardness selection on what basis your rice wants to cook. The hardness comes handy.

When the rice has done its cooking, the normal one produces the stream sometime, and it could be hazardous to the kids so steamless if the best option, in that case, will not produce any sounds. Some model provides you the opportunity to bake the loaves of bread in the cooker; it is like investing for double benefits.

Eco feature rice cookers will help you save the electric power so your electricity bills will get low. A smartphone facility is a new model. You can also check out cozyhousetoday for an in-depth review on Japanese rice cooker. You want to install an application by which you have to synchronize with the cooker, which helps you save time and electricity.

Here, we listed some of the models that help you buy the best and best life cookers. They are,

  • Iris Ohyama MA-50-B KRC [size – 5.5 go]
  • Tiger JAJ- A552 [size – 3 go]
  • Zojirushi cooperation IH NP-VQ10 [ size – 5.5 go]
  • Panasonic SR- KT067 – K [ size – 3.5 go]

These are the top models you can buy without any check on your family’s number. You can go with the purchase.

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