A layered haircut with a razor is an excellent way to add layers and texture effortlessly. It may appear to be somewhat knotty. However, it is quite simple to do. All you need is a carving comb with a razor inside it, clips, a round brush, and a blow-dryer. Razor Layer cutting is a versatile technique that can be applied on straight, wavy, or even curly hair; likewise, it functions admirably for all lengths of hair.

Today, we are going to focus on layering long hair with a razor. It’s a lot of movement and a lot of layers, so I think you guys are going to get a lot out of that. I will ensure you that you will surely feel like a good Hair Stylist after reading this at the end.

Let’s get started with our step by step tutorial on the most proficient method to cut long layers with a razor.

Hair Stylist

Step 1Preparing the hair

We’re preparing the hair with a liquid glide, and it matches up perfectly with the razor because it allows you to glide on the hair while combing and it also conditions the hair for razor cutting.

Step 2Creating Front layers

After that, we’re going to start by taking a diagonal forward section from the parting (like if one has right parting, then section the hair from the right side and vice versa). Clip the other side of the strands.

Now take diagonal forward sections from the parts down to the hairline right around the fringe area.

Tip 1

Over direction plays a critical role in this cut; you need to know how much elevation and how much angle you’re putting on the hair.

The more you over direct it, the more of an angle you’re going to get on the haircut; the more the elevation you give to the hair, the lighter it’s going to feel and vice-versa.

So the over direction keeps coming over, you keep taking diagonal forward partings the same throughout the haircut just following the head shape and then over directing it to yourself and using the carving comb to slightly cut according to the desired length.

Step 3: Front Right cutting

Now, take a little triangle from the front and clip the rest of the hair away, afterward take a diagonal forward section on the right-hand side (the same as done on the opposite side), but the angle that you must be running the carving comb should be about 45 degrees.

Make sure to keep this angle clean to get the best cut with any razor.

So this side of the cut is the frail side of the cut there’s less thickness, less hair so you should slash with a lower elevation.

Step 4: Back Layer Cutting

Now, you are going to work into the back and take a vertical panel out of the back center that’s about 3 inches wide, work with the wide-toothed carve side of the carving comb right down; it’s just one fluid-solid slide of the carving comb which will help build in the layers.

Step 5: Setting Up the Hair using a Blow-dryer

We’ll begin with removing the moisture from the length by blow-drying without a nozzle.

Next, you have to put the nozzle on the blow-dryer take a round brush and begin working the round brush through the backside of hair first.

We’re using a working spray in between each section; the elevation must be the same as followed while cutting the hair.

Tip 2

However, you’ve cut the hair, whatever angle you put on it you’re overdirecting it because you want it to go somewhere so over direct it in the blow-dryer.

Now you’re going to work the front opposite side by doing the same thing using high elevation. Something very similar to blow-drying is that the more you raise it, the lighter it will fall. Pull the hair towards the parting to give a little pop of volume while keeping the elevation a lot lower in the fringe to avoid tease bangs.

Tip 3:

The only part of blow-dry where the elevation must below is the right in the fringe.

In the end, push the hair back off the face a little bit of working spray through it to activate it, and that is going to be the result.

I hope this step by step tutorial on how to cut long layers with a razor helps you to get your desired haircut. Keep in mind the tips while going for the same.