Drilling machinery is the machine used to drill holes while constructing various projects. Drill refers to the mechanism used to create holes. This mechanism is used at various places at different scales. There are regular grilling machines used in domestic architecture, and there are drilling machines used at industrial levels for building a well or constructing a road.

Similar drill technology is also used in surgical equipment for orthopedic, dental, and neurological surgeries. The features and capacities of the drilling machinery differ according to its purpose. The capacity depends on factors like material, thickness, rigidity, required output, and required diameter.

Machines are made to be used in different industries at different workplaces. Each machine has its unique uses and should only be used for that purpose. Misusing the machine will harm the machine.

Where are Drilling machines used?

  • Scientific experiments
  • Prospecting/ mining
  • Constructing wells/ Well sinking
  • Dental surgeries
  • Home interior
  • Construction
  • Industrial machines

While understanding Drilling machinery, it is important to understand its application. The accuracy of the machine will differ according to the scale and material of the surface. Hence, just the study of machines will not give you the required result. You will have to take into consideration all the other materials that contribute to the process and you can find that details at drilling-it.com

Factors that contribute to the process:

  • Room temperature and weather
  • Work-piece and its density/ brittleness/ thickness
  • Kind of machine
  • The capacity of the machine
  • The material used in the machine
  • Screw/ other complementary tool used

Tools used along with drilling machines:

  • Different types of screws
  • Screw tips of various kinds – flathead, Philips, Frearson, Robertson
  • Hammers
  • Different Work-pieces (wood, metal, brick)

Most drilling machines are largely classified into two Mechanisms:

  • Percussive Machines: This is a technique that gives blows to the surface to create a hole. In this, the hole is created by the repetitive force. In these devices, the tip of the machine gives blows while rotating, to create a hole. It works almost like a hammering technique.
  • Rotary Machines: These machines use the rotating tip to carve out a hole in the surface. This spiral tip created a crisp hole and is usually more intricate and smooth.

From a man learning to drill a hole in a plank of wood to automated robotic drill technology, we have come a far way. Though the drilling technique is a basic technique of engineering, it has been improving constantly.

We as humans are unfolding different sides of the technology by challenging its capacities. Research about making more and more intricate drilling techniques is being constantly done. Advancements are being made equally well in surgical and intricate drilling as compared to industrial drilling machinery.