Trading was typically done by the brokers; now that it is shifted online, you don’t have to wait at the broker’s place to see him rely on phone calls and then tell you about it. To provide access to the markets and online trading to the clients, Iq Option developed its platform for many different trading options

This software includes options for stopping the losses, taking profit levels that are not provided you by the standard binary operators.

Iq option has the best and advanced features that other binary operators are unaware of and have never heard of them. The advance features that Iq Option is using is the same one as of forex trading industry.

These are some features explained down below:

Strategy tools:

There are strategy tools like strike price and trading buttons, which are very clear and intuitive. The price charts and graphs are also comfortable and informative. You can customize the whole layout by your preferences and needs too.

The website is available all day long; there are no specific timings for the market open for trading. You can trade at any time of day or night, whenever you feel right.


Apart from having really easy access to trading Iq option in Thailand. You get easy and pleasant layouts of charting like line, candlestick, area, and bar charts for showing up the ups and downs in trades. You can also show multiple trades in the same graph. This happens when one wants to showcase a different and much more complicated strategic chart of the trades. 

Crypto products:

There are new products that show a few different options based on the trading market. When it comes to the cryptocurrency, they don’t get expired, so it makes it easy. Due to new features, it is easy for everyone to trade on weekends also. 


you can get the mobile application of the trading Iq option in Thailand quickly; though not just in Thailand, you can download their application very readily across the world. The trading area looks just the same, only as of the screen view of the desktop.

Iq Option app is available for Android and iOS, making it easier for you to download on your iPhone or iPad. If you want to download the app on your laptop, it is also available for the windows. 

FX Options:

Iq Option now has added a new feature called FX Options in its features. With the help of FX options, the EU traders get alternatives to binaries. Iq option wants a useful application and platform for you that has all the features for your help but a platform that will never fall.

At ending note, Iq Option is the best online broker you could ever get; it is so easy to register on their site; you need to give your e-mail id and set up a password to protect your information and funds, and you are good to go and have your hand-tested at online trading.