Are you one of those people who are fond of music? Do you miss playing on a real piano, and you don’t own one currently? Well, its time for good news, here we have got a complete guide on how to play the piano on a computer. Though possessing a real piano is a dream for all the music lovers, if you are not fortunate enough to have one at your residence, then the virtual piano is here to hold you up.

Beginners do need a piano teacher to learn musical notes to play a melodious sound ideally. You might be thinking about how to learn to play a virtual piano. It has become as easy as typing an email on your computer, and you can use your computer keyboard or mouse to simulate musical notes. All you need to do is just a virtual piano app on your computer, and your musical journey begins instantly.


Piano on Computer

First and foremost is the need for a virtual piano on computer screen to play your favorite music. Though there are multiple apps and online websites to get one to use but to recommend, we would suggest the most reliable and widely used one. Virtual Piano is an online website app that provides you with a virtual keyboard. You can open it from this link, along with that they offer a long list of amazing songs to choose from. For beginners, they have a guide to learn to play piano on a computer, and for amazing musicians, they also offer great tournaments. Now, you don’t need to scroll down hundreds of pages to choose from; our recommendation will help you enjoy the most.


After you get an app, the complete process becomes way too simple. Just click the chord checkbox on your screen to enable alphabets on the piano keyboard. Though different apps work on the varied patterns, almost all of them show alphabets on your piano keyboard to make it easy for you to play. On some other apps like Virtual Piano, you get music sheets with alphabets written along with to make it easy for you to rehearse like a good musician. Every button on the computer keyboard, including both numbers and alphabets, corresponds to white piano key while playing the same key with shift-tab you can play a black piano key. This system corresponds to lower case keys play white keys, and black keys are symbolized with upper case letters.


For those who eagerly want to learn the art of playing the piano, a virtual piano assistant is the best choice. Those who are afraid to start can first watch some pre-recorded videos to learn the basics. But those who have already mastered this unique art need not be disheartened since you will also get amazing perks on the app. A chance to beat many piano players during a live tournament and winning unusual gifts is one of those perks. Others can also register as a piano teacher to help the beginners learn the art.


A single app is enough for all the music lovers out there, be it a beginner or a master. All that you need is regular practice, and you will get to your destination soon. Just select one of your favorite songs from the list and press play to open the sheet in a new window. You can easily read the notes you need to press to play that music on the virtual piano. In some apps, you get the authority to customize your virtual piano keyboard as per your comfort. An additional feature of recording your songs and playback any time you want is like a Christmas blessing.


It is never too late an age to learn anything you want if you are determined to achieve your desires. Lack of a real piano by your side can never stop you from learning musical art. This complete guide can surely help you get through all the hurdles and become a good piano player.