Minecraft has grown to become one of the most popular games around the globe in just a few years, due to word of mouth and despite the lack of a large marketing budget. Minecraft, which is already a popular topic of discussion on the playground, has made its way into the classroom, increasingly finding ways to use the game for instructional purposes. You can find a list of Minecraft servers on the internet.

What is a Minecraft Server?

The most advanced multiplayer Minecraft option is a Minecraft server. With a few exceptions, it provides all of the same features as connected through LAN. It allows anyone to connect to your server regardless of where they are and enables you to dedicate a machine to run the server while logging into your account from a different system to save resources.

You can either host your own Minecraft servers or have one hosted for you by a third party, each with its own set of advantages. Check out our page if you’re interested in having someone else manage your server.

Find out How Many People Play

The webpage demonstrates Near the name of each server, the majority of these listings show how many players logged in. Choose a server with at least 100 individuals signed in if you want to play minigames or participate in large projects. You could choose a community with 50 or fewer individuals online if you’re searching for a more intimate setting.

There’s also a list of the server’s maximum capacity. You’ll have to wait for someone to go if it’s full (for example, “240/240”). Some server lists additionally include an online-time percentage, which indicates how frequently the server is available.

Check for Grief Protection

Outside of PvP, most players prefer this option because it makes it harder for other players to demolish your structures and items.

Lookup More Technical Info

This information is sometimes found in the server’s description or by looking at the tags that some server lists use to classify their servers. If the information isn’t there, go to the server’s website or log in and ask on the chart: Minecraft version: most popular servers are usually the first to upgrade to the most recent version. If the version number is lower than yours, you can use the “Edit Profile” button, which appears as soon as you enter Minecraft, to alter your version.

Mods: you have a favorite mod that you can’t live without, look for a server that enables you to use it. Before you may join some servers, you must first install a mod. A decent server should nearly always have mods or admins available to answer your queries and explain the rules and features of the server. Join various games and discussions to determine if you like the community.