Fresh herbs are that the most appropriate for flavor and health advantages, they’re not always readily available do to the shifting of the seasons. Garden herbs can also be preserved in a variety of distinct ways.

Harvesting of Herbs

The first step in preserving your herbs from the garden would be to harvest them whenever they’re ready. This can be accomplished by utilizing scissors, pruning sheers, or even a powerful kitchen knife, to snip the stems.

Cleaning of Herbs

Once you’ve harvested most of your plants properly, the alternative in the preservation procedure is cleaning. All cluttered plants and produce needs to be washed carefully, remember to be tender, you really don’t wish to damage that the leafy portions in this process. The perfect way to scrub the plants is always to gently spray them with a fine mist sprayer and wipe them dry.

Herbs Preservation Methods

Freezing is just a simple solution to preserve such plants that are aromatic and is ideal as it makes cooking easy. Some types suspend a lot better than others, so be sure to look at this before trying the procedure.

  • Once you have decided which types you’ll be freezing, then the first step is to wash and dry them.
    Next, strip the leaves off and put them into a freezer container or bag.
  • Date and label the containers so you can remember what’s what. (Frozen cuttings should keep for a few months).
  • Other helpful tips: Should you would like your rooted aromatics to last more than a few weeks, you’re able to try out blanching them for a few seconds and then dipping them straight into bottled water instantly afterward.
  • Subsequently, pop them into the freezer at a freezer bag or container and save up to a few months. These shop for a year

Drying is also a good way to preserves herbs.

  • Once you have chosen and washed up your fresh blossoms you will wish to lay some fresh paper towels down on a countertop or table. Layer them into twos.
  • Next, snip washed leaves off the stem and arrange the cuttings in rows onto a single side of their towel.
    Lay another paper towel on top. (folded in two within the leaves).
  • Add another layer of leaves and also attract 1 / 2 of those initial 2 tsp layers to cover.
  • Leave the towels and plant trembling out to dry for 2-3 days. Bearing in mind that the thicker the leaves, the longer it will require them to wash out. Again, you will know when your cuttings are ready using the regular method. Instead, a dehydrator can be used to speed up the method.
  • As soon as they are dry, they can be put in a Ziplock bag, jar container and kept up to a year.

Guys You can try these 2 methods to preserve the herbs. If you are using a different method to preserve herbs then let us know in the comment section. We will add them to the article.